You came here because you are different. We chose you to come across this, as absurd as it sounds - and now you are here - thank you. We consciously reached out to creatives, loners and everyone who does not settle for what society and the system has planned for them because normal people won't understand what we are up to here. To us, the term "Dreamer" is a compliment, not an insult.

Too Anxious is the sonic journey of Kelvyn Colt's early encounters with the music industry and the Birth Of WHOAMI. WHOAMI is the sonic concept of a subconscious hedonistic Zeitgeist, a peer we all carry within and encounter, once we reflect on our actions and thoughts.

Did you ever do something and said to yourself in retrospect "that wasn't me"?

The reactionary WHOAMI steps in during periods of anxiety, fear, loneliness, agony and distress, with the only goal being rescuing it's principal from the situation, without the principal being aware during this process. Chasing a dream can be a difficult, emotionally turbulent and resource draining journey. Too Anxious - WHOAMI's Prologue describes Kelvyn Colt's first encounters with WHOAMI due to the fuckery in the music industry, after moving to London, United Kingdom.

Resist Dogma, never stop educating, stay hydrated and Fuck em' all. Enjoy. #BYS