The 'Moon' is the first single off of Kelvyn Colt's EP, which will drop soon. Listen to the song here:

"Looking back, I recount that I sometimes felt my plenty, big, 'unrealistic' dreams were all I seemingly had. They gave me strength. So when I'm down low, I tilt my head back, focus on an object in the sky, take a deep breath and envision how I'm turning my dreams into reality and say to myself: 'I can and therefore I will find a way to make it happen, this right here is only temporarily." - Kelvyn Colt

'Moon' is about following your dream. At times dreams clash with reality, thus the sonic power-play between the chorus and the verses. The song was premiered via Clash Magazine (UK), read the article here:

Munich based producers Truva Music produced the song. Artwork made in Berlin, by Vitali Gelwich. Released via Four Music