Elijah Hook - Experience EP by Kelvyn Ajala

Elijah Hook:

"I can't believe that it's about time to announce the release of my EP: "Experience" ! It's been a long and hard trip with up's and down's and I am thankful for every minute of this journey because that's how I made the most important #experience so far.
Enjoy the free music!

Produced and mastered by: Yves Micossé
Interpret: Elijah Hook

Thank You's:

"I would like to thank everybody involved sharing their gold to make „Experience" to what it became:

Thank you Yves Micossé for building the foundation of my house, welcoming me with open arms and putting in blood and sweat, no matter what. Gianna Kirschner you have the key to my castle ! If it wasn't for you I wouldn't be where I am at today. Kelvyn Colt "We were so broke we had to share our dreams" thank you for being who you are. Thank you Leo aka GoldDust, the way you play the giutar is magical. After showing me that place, something changed, thanks for sharing that aura with me Ruben Liska. I also want to thank Adisa, Bryant & Michael for being a part of this project. Eddy Viver Murangwa you inspire me in so many ways, I can feel a special connection! The artwork is crazy, thank you. Phoebe Vogler thanks for letting me keep the ride over night :) I also want to thank Bagrad, Sara and Lou for being a part of my journey."