Many 'Tings happenin' E! / by Kelvyn Ajala

Yeah...that's kind of how they talk round here...

All jokes aside, I been busy as ever and got a lot to share with y'all!

Well first off: I had an amazing gig in Berlin together with my brother Elijah Hook, alongside many other highly talented artists, who were all mentioned on the flyer of the event, in my prior post! However, I do want to shout out the princess of the 6, Giselle of "We Are Wilde" for putting it all together and to Gianna, for handling all my 'ish during my stay!

I started off with this but then moved into performing songs that I'll be releasing soon, one after the other, so make sure you subscribe to get updated as soon as something new drops!

Upon arrival back in the UK, I had a meeting with Google/Youtube cuz' your boy got a label now - and received some info about what they can do for a youngin. It was great!

Later that day Margaret Casely-Hayford and I gave a speech at Soutwark Lewisham College about Entrepreneurship and how my and coming generations can gain resilience to societal change through independence. 

Before my brief trip to Berlin, Margaret and me also had another speech had Northbridge Cellege in London, where I met Alfie XY, a young upcoming rapper from Islington. 

Finally, I hit the KTZ Fashion week afterparty and linked up with a few good people, hope to deliver you new content through that in the next few weeks. 


Finally, I got a new crib to stay at in East London with my uncle, Praise the lord!

Yours faithfully

 Kelvyn Colt