Deckadent Exhibition / by Kelvyn Ajala

Soooo, yesterday I performed at Trinity's Deckadent exhibition at Parlour Skate Shop in Shoreditch/Hackney. For those who don't know her, she's an amazing painter/artist and you should check out your work on her IG:

The venue was fairly small and could fit about 100-15 people and that's about the amount of folks that were present and due to that it was boiiiiillling hot in there - good lord. Joey Bluegrass started off the show by doing his own interpretations of two Miguel songs, followed by 2-3 of his own songs. His dark, British humor peaked as he said: I'm about to play you this song and I showed it to my girl yesterday and she said it was whack, but let's see if y'all like it. I still think y'all gone like it". So, it was a good set all in all, especially as he also played live electric guitar.

I came on next and of course I shut down as well - y'all trust your boy Colt - especially with "Been About" feat. Kadiata and "Ballin'", which are both on my coming EP.

Kadiata was next, who had also produced "Been About" and you should check out his stuff here:

You won't regret it.

It was a good night and Trinity's friend Lola took some pretty dope polaroids which are attached underneath, on my IG - have a look and let me know what you all think. 

There'll be a video of the event soon as well, I'll post it here.

So let me thank everyone who came through and showed love and special thanks to Brison of Parlour Skate Shop, who DJ'd spontaneously throughout our sets.

Stay blessed,