It has been 1 minute. / by Kelvyn Ajala

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Continuity is key to everything you do in life. 

However, we cannot split ourselves in two (as much as I sometimes wish I could). I was in the studio. I was playing shows. I was playing festivals. I was traveling to LA & NYC and going back and forth between Berlin and London. I was living man, usually on couches but I was living. And it felt/feels fucking great. Yet, I'll make sure I'll let you take part more often in my adventures, as there is a lot to tell, so lets go.

I released new music yesterday: 'Moon'. The song means a lot to me, especially as it is the first song I've released in over a year and marks the beginning my of EP: LH914. The EP will drop soon. The song was premiered via UK based Clash Magazine. Listen to 'Moon' here: 

Releasing 'Moon' marks a personal milestone for me. If you know me, you'll be aware that I dedicate my life to all of this, music & entrepreneurship - and with dedication come sacrifices. Sometimes you have to take a step back to make two forward. And Exactly this I discussed recently with Highsnobiety. As you know, I dropped out of a partial scholarship to study law & business in Germany before relocating to the UK to study entrepreneurship there in order to focus on my music. 

Read the full article here: 

Also, I am happy to announce that I signed with FOUR MUSIC. They are a Berlin based record label with a rich history within the German music scene - but more importantly, they are one of the few labels that knows how to operate internationally. I am still in charge of my music, creative etc. -so don't worry to all the 'I hate record labels' people out there. They give me as much time as I need to create. Thus, we will release my debut EP together in the coming months and I am excited to have them as a dedicated, experienced and equally excited, partner for the release. Max F for the win & Michi, thank you for believing in me.

This weekend I also played at Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg, Germany. Besides this festival, I also played at Hype Festival and Splash Festival this year but I'll make a separate post with videos and pictures. Same goes for all the events in LA, NYC etc. so make sure you subscribe to stay posted. 

I am very excited to what the near future holds and I'm looking forward to hearing from you on how you feel about 'Moon' and the Highsnobiety video!