Dear Berlin, Dear London, Dear You / by Kelvyn Ajala

I've had some crazy months and thus it has been a while that I took time to update you all on what has been happening. Thank you for your patience with me.


I moved to central London. Well I've kinda been here for a while now, I know but what I mean is that I got my own place, around end of February/beginning of March. Bye Walthamstow and bye couch in Hackney! I guess that was the biggest challenge: finding an (affordable) apartment here is a nightmare. My first step was to look up "something for £500 per month" - For this price range, I found a parking-space. However, it is sorted now and I must say this is the most comfortable parking-space I've ever slept at haha. Jokes aside. Of corse ended up paying more #haram

After that, the real hustle began. Finding a part time job to sustain the music and run my start up simultaneously isn't easy. But your boy is doing his thing now, so need to complain. By the way, I graduated from university in March. 

Here are some highlights of the past few months in recap:

  • I met Rick Ross at a club and he gave me a hug. Seriously
  • I headlined at DSTRKT
  • His booking agent came down to my show at the same club a week later and loved the show
  • I met Rich Homie Quan. Polite guy
  • Met one of Toronto's greatest. Kid might be going out to the 6ix very soon
  • My COLORS freestyle got released and got over 42k views!
  • I gave a speech at Microsoft, at The Thames Valley International Technology Conference and I rapped for the CTO of Cisco and other tech execs. The speech was about entrepreneurship, millennials, music and tech and where I (with the help of data) see it all going.

Which leads us to the next topic. It is crazy how much knowledge in regards to web tech and social media marketing a lot of senior management lack. Yet, that is not even the main issue here, the main issue is a symptom I have diagnosed as "corporate arrogance". Meaning that they fail to recognize the described problem due to false ego/brand esteem. People of the corporate world, work with the millennials by breaching the traditional route (you're a tech company, of corse you can) or they will make you redundant within this decade. Period. For all artists and entrepreneurs reading this, keep going, they are horrified by us and our skill set & knowledge. Don't let them employ you to work a 9 to 5 making them gazillions whilst you are getting paid a tiny fraction of that. You know better, you deserve better. Do your thing brothers and sisters, it will all fall into place.

So I just returned from Berlin.

Been a crazy week there: met with labels, artists, producers and legends like Zafer (Beathovenz), gave interviews and shot a sick music video.

It started literally every morning around 9, rushing to the first appointment, then move on to the next one, next one, next one and then usually a shoot, show or studio Session in the end till late. It is mad productive yet incredibly tiring. But that's what I signed up for and I couldn't imagine investing my time and energy into anything else. 

Here is a recap of this Berlin trip:

  • Serge Denimes are doing an image film/documentary on me and joined me in Berlin
  • Finalized my debut at the Red Bull studios in Berlin together with the help of Sam, Sugaboy and Elijah Hook
  • Gave many Interviews (one of them was a dream come true to me)
  • Label Meetings (a good sign right?, even if I may or may not sign #wordplayinsane)
  • Photoshoots (shout out to Svenja)
  • Many Sessions
  • Video Shoot for "Traded for You" (shout out to Jumpa for hooking that up)
  • Performed at SO36 in Berlin with Sugaboy and Elijah Hook, who just came back from his tour in Italy
  • More stuff that I don't remember now but will probably tell you about if you ask me.

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