New tings. / by Kelvyn Ajala

Every week and every day there's something new I have to say. Let me give you a brief re-cap of what's been going on. 

I've had my first official photo shoot and it was with Serge Denimes. The shoot was a lot of fun and I can't wait for the pics to come. I took my bro Joey Bluegrass (very talented singer) along and despite the day being ice cold and the entire Barbickan seeing me running around in boxers, it was a sick day. Shout out to Karl, Stephanie and Margaret as well as the photographer Rosie for making it happen!


That night we went out to a Pusha T club concert at tape london and chilling in the backstage there was a studio. I literally walked into a session with Sonny Reeves and Jamal Edwards came through as well. After jamming till about six in the morning, and sleeping for about 2 hours, I moved on to the next set - A 360° video shoot with Line (an amazing woman and you are going to hear a lot more about her here) and the photgrapher/videographer Michael. A big thank you to Valensi and Troy coming through as well! 




The shoot was for the track "Lost Pack", which got premiered on Soho Radio the night before!

Later that day I gave a speech at Southwark Lewisham College alongside Steve Bollock, mayor of South Lewisham Borough of London at the Student Awards night. The students receiving awards there are extremely hard working and talented and I feel honored of having the opportunity to talk to them and meet them.


Later that night I bumped into Jamal Edwards again and he actually recognized me.

Finally arriving home, I found some sleep, as I, across the 5 days slept a total of 26 hours. But who said it was going to be easy?