NARCOTIC Premiere / by Kelvyn Ajala

Everybody who knows me closely (which are only a few, despite many thinking that they do), knows that it takes me a while to realize when big things happen in my life. As I dislocated my arm at my first time eating at Nando's, I noticed it as I tried to lift it to check the time and nothing but a tingling sensation and no movement was the response of my dislocated limb (the Nando's story is one in itself). When I had my TV debut, I realized it, when one of my mates at Uni told me that she saw me on TV and asked me out on a date. And when I was on the German Top 20 Black charts, I noticed it when my producer at the time called me to notify me. I don't know whether this happens due to me always being in grind mode and never taking time to reflect on achievements or whether I set very high standards and deem these things (not the dislocated arm) as normal if you want to achieve the heights that I am planning to be heading for and dreaming of.

However, one thing is for sure: The 16th of October was out of norm and this was not due to me. Definitely, currently seeing my family here for the first time since May and dealing with many other important issues at the moment, I guess it once again took me a while to realize what had just happened in my life.

I moved to the UK January 2014 not only to study but primarily in order to pursue my dream. Later that year I would meet Margaret Casely-Hayford, the mother of a friend at university. A successful business woman and well respected lawyer in the city. She would later help out with managing me. Fast forward to the 16th of October and we are here.


For the first time, I attended an event which was entirely about me. I have had a decent amount of shows so far, including the launch of a TV show I had a lead role in, over to concerts but this time it was different. I didn't even organize the event, Margaret did it. It felt weird not knowing what exactly was going to happen but therefore, I was even more amazed on how it turned out.

I entered "The Icetank Studio" in central London that day and the first thing I saw was a huge wall saying "Kelvyn Colt" - a large photowall in front of a red carpet saying my name! This was unbelievable....kind of surreal...


After constructing everything, whilst I was mainly busy with doing sound-checks and setting up the projectors for the screening of the video, people slowly started pouring in. I only had invited a few close friends, as I was warned that it would be too full that night. Ollie and his brand, Serge Denimes, co-hosted the whole event and sponsored me with loads of sick gear. Further, we had champagne popsicles there, which were (pretty strong) and provided by Pops' Popsicles, a shout out to them. Also, Getty Images to take pics of the whole event.

Further, we had GUAP magazine there as well as the Underground Revival Team filming everything.

The event started by Margaret giving a well received speech on arts and music and on why she had chosen to invest work with me on this project. This was followed by an interview hosted by Priscilla off of GUAP Magazine.

Then, we premiered the video, the crowd loved it and went nuts about it.

All clothes in the music video were provided by Han, he runs a collective called Studio Collection London and also has a shop in Camden Market, check them out, you won't be disappointed. 

Finally, I performed a few new tracks live, with the support of Kadiata on one of them and there, the subwoofer actually blew out due to too much base. It still was a lit' set and we killed it.

As much as the event was about me as an artist and the video for NARCOTIC, none of this at the event would have been possible without Margaret, so a huge thank you goes out to her.

And also thank you to Simon Frederick, the director.

Yours sincerely,