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Continuity is key to everything you do in life. 

However, we cannot split ourselves in two (as much as I sometimes wish I could). I was in the studio. I was playing shows. I was playing festivals. I was traveling to LA & NYC and going back and forth between Berlin and London. I was living man, usually on couches but I was living. And it felt/feels fucking great. Yet, I'll make sure I'll let you take part more often in my adventures, as there is a lot to tell, so lets go.

I released new music yesterday: 'Moon'. The song means a lot to me, especially as it is the first song I've released in over a year and marks the beginning my of EP: LH914. The EP will drop soon. The song was premiered via UK based Clash Magazine. Listen to 'Moon' here: 

Releasing 'Moon' marks a personal milestone for me. If you know me, you'll be aware that I dedicate my life to all of this, music & entrepreneurship - and with dedication come sacrifices. Sometimes you have to take a step back to make two forward. And Exactly this I discussed recently with Highsnobiety. As you know, I dropped out of a partial scholarship to study law & business in Germany before relocating to the UK to study entrepreneurship there in order to focus on my music. 

Read the full article here: 

Also, I am happy to announce that I signed with FOUR MUSIC. They are a Berlin based record label with a rich history within the German music scene - but more importantly, they are one of the few labels that knows how to operate internationally. I am still in charge of my music, creative etc. -so don't worry to all the 'I hate record labels' people out there. They give me as much time as I need to create. Thus, we will release my debut EP together in the coming months and I am excited to have them as a dedicated, experienced and equally excited, partner for the release. Max F for the win & Michi, thank you for believing in me.

This weekend I also played at Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg, Germany. Besides this festival, I also played at Hype Festival and Splash Festival this year but I'll make a separate post with videos and pictures. Same goes for all the events in LA, NYC etc. so make sure you subscribe to stay posted. 

I am very excited to what the near future holds and I'm looking forward to hearing from you on how you feel about 'Moon' and the Highsnobiety video!




I quit part time retail! Now I work with NASA Astronauts and make Pink Hoodies. Fo' real. by Kelvyn Ajala

picture by Svenja Trierscheid

picture by Svenja Trierscheid

Wow....last time I posted was in May. Apologies for abandoning you but there's been a lot going on...(what a bad excuse, let's get started anyways, thank you for forgiving me <3 )

First things first - I quit my part time job and am now a full-time entrepreneur and artist! Also, I was part of the RadHub2016 in London! (look at me all fresh in a suit n' stuff)

Think Tank Session.

Here, BMW, ROLLS ROYCE and MINI brought in thought leaders, consultants and experts from all over the world, across various sectors to create concepts and revenue streams for the mobility sector within the next 20 years, directly reporting/consulting to the board. During the 2 days we were split into multiple groups from people of all different walks in life and I was honored to work alongside NASA astronaut Ronald J. Garan Jr. (going to space is my childhood dream), serial entrepreneur Andrew Goldstein and reps from the UN, Google & the BMW Group and more. Also, we got an exclusive premier of Mini's and Rolls Royce' & BMW's concept car, watch the video below for more!

Back to the Music!

Your boy also flew out to Amsterdam together with da brother Jumpa to work with Owen Playfair on the last track for my EP. Was a great experience out there - shout out to the Dutch brand Nieuw Jurk at this point for the crib and of course to Daily Paper, who got a brand new flagship store out there.

Also, the notorious PINK Hoodie that I always rock is now for sale, limited stock @

Finally, I dropped one of my favorite songs that I made: 'Alone' together with a trippy video (click here to view it)

At the moment we're just having label meetings and putting everything in place for the release but truss mi daddi, its going to be wild!



New tings. by Kelvyn Ajala

Every week and every day there's something new I have to say. Let me give you a brief re-cap of what's been going on. 

I've had my first official photo shoot and it was with Serge Denimes. The shoot was a lot of fun and I can't wait for the pics to come. I took my bro Joey Bluegrass (very talented singer) along and despite the day being ice cold and the entire Barbickan seeing me running around in boxers, it was a sick day. Shout out to Karl, Stephanie and Margaret as well as the photographer Rosie for making it happen!


That night we went out to a Pusha T club concert at tape london and chilling in the backstage there was a studio. I literally walked into a session with Sonny Reeves and Jamal Edwards came through as well. After jamming till about six in the morning, and sleeping for about 2 hours, I moved on to the next set - A 360° video shoot with Line (an amazing woman and you are going to hear a lot more about her here) and the photgrapher/videographer Michael. A big thank you to Valensi and Troy coming through as well! 




The shoot was for the track "Lost Pack", which got premiered on Soho Radio the night before!

Later that day I gave a speech at Southwark Lewisham College alongside Steve Bollock, mayor of South Lewisham Borough of London at the Student Awards night. The students receiving awards there are extremely hard working and talented and I feel honored of having the opportunity to talk to them and meet them.


Later that night I bumped into Jamal Edwards again and he actually recognized me.

Finally arriving home, I found some sleep, as I, across the 5 days slept a total of 26 hours. But who said it was going to be easy?

NARCOTIC Premiere by Kelvyn Ajala

Everybody who knows me closely (which are only a few, despite many thinking that they do), knows that it takes me a while to realize when big things happen in my life. As I dislocated my arm at my first time eating at Nando's, I noticed it as I tried to lift it to check the time and nothing but a tingling sensation and no movement was the response of my dislocated limb (the Nando's story is one in itself). When I had my TV debut, I realized it, when one of my mates at Uni told me that she saw me on TV and asked me out on a date. And when I was on the German Top 20 Black charts, I noticed it when my producer at the time called me to notify me. I don't know whether this happens due to me always being in grind mode and never taking time to reflect on achievements or whether I set very high standards and deem these things (not the dislocated arm) as normal if you want to achieve the heights that I am planning to be heading for and dreaming of.

However, one thing is for sure: The 16th of October was out of norm and this was not due to me. Definitely, currently seeing my family here for the first time since May and dealing with many other important issues at the moment, I guess it once again took me a while to realize what had just happened in my life.

I moved to the UK January 2014 not only to study but primarily in order to pursue my dream. Later that year I would meet Margaret Casely-Hayford, the mother of a friend at university. A successful business woman and well respected lawyer in the city. She would later help out with managing me. Fast forward to the 16th of October and we are here.


For the first time, I attended an event which was entirely about me. I have had a decent amount of shows so far, including the launch of a TV show I had a lead role in, over to concerts but this time it was different. I didn't even organize the event, Margaret did it. It felt weird not knowing what exactly was going to happen but therefore, I was even more amazed on how it turned out.

I entered "The Icetank Studio" in central London that day and the first thing I saw was a huge wall saying "Kelvyn Colt" - a large photowall in front of a red carpet saying my name! This was unbelievable....kind of surreal...


After constructing everything, whilst I was mainly busy with doing sound-checks and setting up the projectors for the screening of the video, people slowly started pouring in. I only had invited a few close friends, as I was warned that it would be too full that night. Ollie and his brand, Serge Denimes, co-hosted the whole event and sponsored me with loads of sick gear. Further, we had champagne popsicles there, which were (pretty strong) and provided by Pops' Popsicles, a shout out to them. Also, Getty Images to take pics of the whole event.

Further, we had GUAP magazine there as well as the Underground Revival Team filming everything.

The event started by Margaret giving a well received speech on arts and music and on why she had chosen to invest work with me on this project. This was followed by an interview hosted by Priscilla off of GUAP Magazine.

Then, we premiered the video, the crowd loved it and went nuts about it.

All clothes in the music video were provided by Han, he runs a collective called Studio Collection London and also has a shop in Camden Market, check them out, you won't be disappointed. 

Finally, I performed a few new tracks live, with the support of Kadiata on one of them and there, the subwoofer actually blew out due to too much base. It still was a lit' set and we killed it.

As much as the event was about me as an artist and the video for NARCOTIC, none of this at the event would have been possible without Margaret, so a huge thank you goes out to her.

And also thank you to Simon Frederick, the director.

Yours sincerely, 


Many 'Tings happenin' E! by Kelvyn Ajala

Yeah...that's kind of how they talk round here...

All jokes aside, I been busy as ever and got a lot to share with y'all!

Well first off: I had an amazing gig in Berlin together with my brother Elijah Hook, alongside many other highly talented artists, who were all mentioned on the flyer of the event, in my prior post! However, I do want to shout out the princess of the 6, Giselle of "We Are Wilde" for putting it all together and to Gianna, for handling all my 'ish during my stay!

I started off with this but then moved into performing songs that I'll be releasing soon, one after the other, so make sure you subscribe to get updated as soon as something new drops!

Upon arrival back in the UK, I had a meeting with Google/Youtube cuz' your boy got a label now - and received some info about what they can do for a youngin. It was great!

Later that day Margaret Casely-Hayford and I gave a speech at Soutwark Lewisham College about Entrepreneurship and how my and coming generations can gain resilience to societal change through independence. 

Before my brief trip to Berlin, Margaret and me also had another speech had Northbridge Cellege in London, where I met Alfie XY, a young upcoming rapper from Islington. 

Finally, I hit the KTZ Fashion week afterparty and linked up with a few good people, hope to deliver you new content through that in the next few weeks. 


Finally, I got a new crib to stay at in East London with my uncle, Praise the lord!

Yours faithfully

 Kelvyn Colt

Kelvyn Colt & Elijah Hook + More | Live in Berlin, 13.09.2015 by Kelvyn Ajala

Soooo, as the release of Kelvyn Colt's debut EP is approaching, we are delighted to announce that Mr. Colt will be heading to Berlin on Sunday the 13th of September, to perform some of his tracks. Alongside will be Berlin native (immigrant) (haha) Elijah Hook and many more!

Check out the venue, soundcloud and come through to enjoy a night with good people and good music.

Deckadent Exhibition by Kelvyn Ajala

Soooo, yesterday I performed at Trinity's Deckadent exhibition at Parlour Skate Shop in Shoreditch/Hackney. For those who don't know her, she's an amazing painter/artist and you should check out your work on her IG:

The venue was fairly small and could fit about 100-15 people and that's about the amount of folks that were present and due to that it was boiiiiillling hot in there - good lord. Joey Bluegrass started off the show by doing his own interpretations of two Miguel songs, followed by 2-3 of his own songs. His dark, British humor peaked as he said: I'm about to play you this song and I showed it to my girl yesterday and she said it was whack, but let's see if y'all like it. I still think y'all gone like it". So, it was a good set all in all, especially as he also played live electric guitar.

I came on next and of course I shut down as well - y'all trust your boy Colt - especially with "Been About" feat. Kadiata and "Ballin'", which are both on my coming EP.

Kadiata was next, who had also produced "Been About" and you should check out his stuff here:

You won't regret it.

It was a good night and Trinity's friend Lola took some pretty dope polaroids which are attached underneath, on my IG - have a look and let me know what you all think. 

There'll be a video of the event soon as well, I'll post it here.

So let me thank everyone who came through and showed love and special thanks to Brison of Parlour Skate Shop, who DJ'd spontaneously throughout our sets.

Stay blessed,